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8/16/11 10:40 pm

Life is grand. I thought I was really happy for a while, after I got out of my long term relationship that was just not right. Then met someone that made me feel awful and it just would not end.. for 6 months, he even moved here for a month and it tortured me. Finally he gave up. I finally opened my eyes to another, and am so happy.

Friendship is the base for relationships. We've been 'together' technically since april, but we met last July. we dont even have an anniversary (i guess we should figure one out just to have one lol) and we've technically not been on a "DATE" and we dont care. I love being close to him, texting, calling, & chatting 24/7. And physically being close too, as that was an issue with old BFs. I feel that physical & emotional spark and happiness now and I even see it improving me as a person.

I'm more artsy/crafty and even selling things on etsy and sold everything I brought to Leaky Con (HP con). I finally started my 401K and think about moving out. But before then I want to do some.... vanity/shallow work... as weird as it sounds, I didnt care for so long but now that I have a guy that I want to be proud to call me his GF- I've started the process to get braces . I actually am currently recovering from getting all of my wisdom teeth removed. A bit drugged so I havent done anything productive and decided to lurk LJ.

So after my wisdom teeth heal, I want to get braces next year. I've also made an appointment to remove a mole right next to my nose Ive hated foreverrrrr.. and I want to look into skin procedures, to clear skin up, get rid of spider veins etc. Eventually I want laser hair removal.

i bought this system that supposed to curl your hair easier. Ive always wanted curly hair, & had a failed perm. Hope this will work and not be too much of a pain to use.

I'm also slowly putting purple back in my hair. I got rid of it for my job, but Ive worked in an office for 4 years now, I think they know me well enough not to have an issue with it. Right now the roots & front have subtle violet, and as my black grows out I'll add more violet.

I eventually want to improve my wardrobe. I want to do 'nicer' goth styles, I usually do for special occasions or gothy-events. But I want to incorporate that image more into my daily life, and Ive always just been too worried about what people will think. I dont care, I am 23 and should be able to have hair & clothes how I want. Straight teeth, flawless skin, even if it requires cosmetic procedures-- I dont care. I dont want to do anything drastic like a boob job. Just skin, moles, hair removal, etc, I don't' think thats so wrong if it makes me feel more comfortable as a person to get these procedures done.

Ive been sitting here all day SO HAPPY realizing my wisdom teeth are out, thats been my obstacle for braces, and I just have a hard time doing these kinds of things, I just have issues speaking with people, making appointments, etc. Im really happy Im able to do these things now and the ball is rolling now at least for a better smile!

this may seem like an odd entry, but I feel idiotic telling any of my friends any of this. its kind of sad, I get a BF and now I turn extra shallow and focus on my looks more, but it makes me HAPPY to do that. My mouth is in pain and I feel drugged, yet all I can think of is that this is the first step to straight white teeth and i am ecstatic about that.

anyway, things are awesome. i was floating in a non-relationship - relationship 6 years, that just made me feel static, frumpy, no motivation. Then went through a hard time with a manipulative phoney. And now I am with someone that makes me want to be creative, craft, look how I want, and be pretty. I think about the future much more. Once I get the bulk of these cosmetic things out of the way, I hope to look into classes that tie into my job to give myself some career boost (yea yea, wrong order, but I dont care- *I* want to do things that make me happy first, then worry about my job.) I am content where I work and how much I make.. for now. I can see that changing, and when I change my mind, I will work to improve myself there too.



My friends are grand, had an amazing time at LeakyCon 2011, and my social circle is 98% HP friends and I love them.

1/13/11 12:59 pm

I love logging on and catching up on as much as i can. thanks to everyone that doesnt unfriend me even though i rarely comment! i still enjoy reading all of your LJs

my life is really bothersome right now. i am thinking of journaling in a new anonymous LJ just so i can write it all out to help me.

8/4/10 09:57 am

ridiculous list of things that happen to me at or because of conventions. most good, not all.

1. first con ever- SOE Fan faire for sony online games. went there for my everquest 2 guild.
met the lead developer of all of eq2, later started chatting online and he asked if i wanted an interview in Beckett Massive Online Gamer magazine because i was so enthusiastic about my character. (a real magazine, that can be bought at a book store! ahh). i said yes, and because of my first convention ended up in a magazine, pic of me, pic of my character, interview about my online life. geeking out.

same con, met a game developer. my character had a wolf as a pet. i brought a huge plush wolf to vegas with me. at one point i showed it to the developer and told him how much i love wolves and love that pet ability and told him i wished my character could turn into a wolf. you could in the game, but you turned into a light colored wolf. i wanted to match my wolf and be the same model as it.

turns out he was the main spell/abilities dude and tweaked one of my spells so that it could turn me into that wolf model, and no one in the whole freaking game had that illusion available to them, except me.

so that was the results of my first con!

2. LEAKY CON uh. won 10 books signed by jk rowling. need i say more? this is THE best con. Winning the books, and the friends I made got me involved in volunteering for the 2011 con (just online) so that is cool too.

3. this is not a GOOD thing, but its a ridiculous thing that makes me laugh. geek kon resulted in a 40 year old crow cosplayer professing his love to me maybe 2 weeks online after the con. actually saying i love you. all we did was wander around the con together. i dont even know how that happened, but its even funnier The Crow was doing this to me >.<

4. Infinitus is having ridiculous results too I dont even know what to write here. usually at every con, I turn fangirl-y on one awesome cosplayer. Exchange maybe 2 sentences with them at the con and spend the rest of the time just staring at them and taking pics, without being TOO creepy. well hey, who would have thought the cosplayer i adored at inf yet barely spoke to and didnt hang out with at all, would end up being a friend I chat with online or text almost every day and have them say they want to hang out with me. what what?

ren faires count as sort-of-con-events in my head. i think its really amusing i saw the Doctor last year for maybe 10 seconds and was really excited about that but never saw him again that day (and spend the rest of the day repeating "I hope we see the Doctor again..), (and i dont even think he remembers me exclaiming DOCTOR WHO! to him.) who would have thought those brief seconds I fangirled the Doctor i would recognize him in an LJ group and end up turning into a friend I talk to and have hung out with?

YAY CONVENTIONS and me being a magnet for ridiculous things i never expect.

6/28/10 01:18 am

one of the best weekends in a long long time. saw band from tv 3 times, and hung out with some awesome people. really awesome!

slowly going through pics and posting on my FB.

6/28/10 12:56 am

Sorry, I keep trying and I just can't journal. I comment a lot, I like friends, and worry someone will see a comment, click on me, and then see my crap journal.

Basicially go here http://www.facebook.com/annette.willman if you want to learn about me!!

4/25/10 03:17 pm

i'm a livejournal slacker, but i do try to lurk every once in a while..

to contact me email is best wiirenet@hotmail.com, and i will hopefully be back on msn messenger in a few days..
and i'm also on FB http://www.facebook.com/annette.willman , but again, slack on keeping up with it most of the time >.<

and i just had another top-life event added to my list- met Mr. Crispin Hellion Glover twice this week and he remembered me the second time, and it really made my.. life haha.

He was amazing, his show was amazing, his movie, It Is Fine! Everything is Fine! is so strange and sadly it will be hard for me to recommend it to anyone, even though I want to support him. It just sucks when I'm a shy awkward person and his movie has some really in-your-face scenes I can't imagine getting anyone I know to watch.. Although it was really interesting and it does make you think, which is the point. His book reading is the most fun, and when he speaks about his movie and answers questions, its just one of the most amazing things I've seen. I've met a few "famous" people and had some amazing fandom-experiences, but the fact that Crispin for years and years has been my number one "person" (actor,artist, etc) and getting to see and listen to him up close.. its just mind blowing and I can't believe how lucky I am that my brain just happened to latch onto him when I saw Willard, and that he is so accessible to fans.. I'm just so lucky. I know I'll never meet any of the other people I love like Hugh Laurie or Robert Downey Jr... but I seriously have adored Crispin the most since discovering him and I much rather have met him than anyone else "more" famous. He is just so amazing as a person, so passionate about his work.. in my personal life I love people that talk a lot so I can just listen- and in person Crispin even fits that bill. He could go on and on about anything he cares about and I will just sit there with my eyes wide and mouth half open.. as he is just so amazing...

I hope to follow him anywhere he comes within a few hours of me..  Wisconsin, Indiana, and hopefully Illinois..

3/26/10 01:45 pm

The shop where I got my leather heart eyepatches http://www.etsy.com/shop/SnappingDragon (had to ask her for custom work)

Amazing tutorial to make an oraculum scroll http://www.ehow.com/how_2331277_make-own-scroll.html thanks to midnighttheatre

3/25/10 12:28 am

1. Shipped out my red eyepatch to be painted black. No, I don't even trust myself to do that, I would prob need special flexible leather paint- why buy a whole tube of it for one thing? The person that made my patches said she'll paint it for free. She is amazing!
What happened is that I ordered two patches, black one with a ribbon to tie around my head, and red one without a band to stick on my face. To try out what I like more.

I decided I don't want a band on my head, and that I want the black patch, not red.. so I took out the ribbon but the holes were still left. I filled them in with clay and painted them black with nail polish.. but it looks like crap. SO I am getting the red one without holes painted black.

So waiting on that to come

2. Next I found someone on etsy interested in the armor. The catch is that I've talked to literally over 6 people about the armor. Either they want $400-$700(!!), or they can't do it before May, or their work.. is not to my satisfaction. (I made an etsy alchemy request and got a lot of replies with people who really had no leather work and with stuff in their etsy shop that didnt show me they could do a good job..

So then this current front runner I seeked out on my own because I like her leather corsets. She is interested and unless she didnt see my due date of May.. seems like its going well so far, I'm on edge waiting for her reply and of course worried it will be another $400+ estimate but maybe not.

3. Found someone interested in making the red/black striped shirt, but again.. not getting my hopes up until measurements and money are exchanged

4. I've been looking at leggings, but I cant get myself to buy any as I cant decide on a design or color.. I'm worried it will be too dark, or too light, or too metallic, or not close enough.. do I want it plain, or with some design? I cant commit!

5. However I did commit on boots. I was hoping for big platform boots but i settled on  just because I like that its smooth/plain in front and has some side buckles.
From the images from the movie, his boots look like they have no buckles or any kind of detail, however in this official sketch you can see some side-buckles.

Obviously he doesnt have heels but thats where the girl!Knave comes in I guess. Part of me likes these boots because theyre not TOO high, and I could prob wear them to normal events too. But the other part of me knows it would be fun to go to a con in 8 inch platforms but I know I wouldnt get much use out of the boots except for this specific costume, so I wasnt ready to spend money on that.

And these boots shipped today, I cant wait to put them on!!! Would be best if I had the bottom legs down, but ughhh I can spend an hour googling every variation of gray metallic pattern silver black leggings and nothing makes me go "perfect!" and i dont want to buy it...

3/23/10 10:03 pm

Notes to self

try collodion with no makeup under it and VERY LITTLE ON TOP
smaller brush?
don't let it peel
find a way to fix peeling

when taking a bunch of pics remember mascara on the uncovered eye! idiot!

stop chewing my chapped lips they look ugly

do something with my hair soon

fix the eyepatch holes

fail makeup test

3/23/10 09:23 pm


Lawl, here's hoping I don't go into work tomorrow with lines on my face!

I am trying/attempting to do a female!Knave of Hearts costume. I have eyepatches and rigid collodion is this makeup stuff that indents your skin to look like scars.. I'm testing it out for the first time and it doesn't exactly hurt, just burns slightly and I probably should have waited to try it out on a friday so I had all weekend to get rid of any redness.. Kind of worried what I'll look like when I peel it off.

It looks ok. I drew on the scars with black makeup pencil which was dumb, next time I won't do it so dark. I think just the collodion is enough to discolor your "scars" without trying to pencil things in..

I want to figure out if its possible to get my straight dyed-black hair permed. A few people have told me I can't because its dyed.. but 1. I need to have it wavy for the Knave, and 2 I need it curly for Bellatrix.. so I would really benefit from a perm.. next paycheck I may go to a hair place..

This costume is really sucky because it seems like NO ONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD is attempting to costume the Knave! A lot of characters/actors i like end up being not very popular- however Alice in Wonderland seems popular and the Knave has a lot of fangirls on LJ. Reminds me of the Joker TDK days on LJ- except a lot of those fans were into costumes.. seems like no one is for the Knave, but it baffles me because I don't think crispin has ever had a character this fandom-popular. sure george mcfly is classic, and there was a small online world for willard fans.. but i havent seen anything like the knave-lusting i'm seeing now.. yet still, no costumes!

So its really hard for me to research a costume by myself. The most important piece is his chest armor and that is becoming impossible. Then I dont know if I should do a cloak, or what color pants, or what kind of boots.. helps that I'm doing a girl version so nothing has to look exactly like his- but its still annoyingly tough finding things and needing to decide "This looks like his pants" and being paranoid it won't look right once i get it. For my Shilo costume there was a whole thread on the Repo forums for girls costuming shilo and linking things and posting pics. Bellatrix I just bought a ready made costume and added my own adjustments.. i really wish i had people to give me suggestions, post pics and bounce ideas off of..
damn you knave...

/goes to figure out how to attach eyepatch
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