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28 October 1987
Roselle, Illinois, United States
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a clockwork orange, androgyny, animals, anime, arkham asylum, art, batman, batman: arkham asylum, being random, bellatrix lestrange, big wolf on campus, billy boyd, blur, cats, christian bale, clay, clockwork orange, computers, conventions, corsets, cosplay, costumes, crispin glover, cryptozoology, danny smith, dark knight, darkplace, david tennant, death note, dita von teese, doctor who, dominic monaghan, dragons, dresden dolls, elijah wood, emilie autumn, everquest 2, fandom, fangirling, fantasy, fry and laurie, garbage, gary oldman, geek kon, geeks, ghostbusters, gogol bordello, halloween, harry lockhart, harry potter, heath ledger, heathus christ, helena bonham carter, hobbits, hogwarts, house, hoyay, hugh laurie, jhonen vasquez, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, joker, kiss kiss bang bang, kittens, l, leaky cauldron, lolita, lord of the rings, lotr, lulz, matthew holness, merton dingle, nin, nine inch nails, older men, pirates of the caribbean, plushies, polymer clay, radiohead, renaissance faires, rhps, rick and morty, robert downey jr, robert sean leonard, rocky horror picture show, rosencrantz and guildenstern, ryuk, sculpey clay, sean astin, severus snape, slash, slytherin, steampunk, stuffed animals, subtext, tdk, the blues brothers, the cure, the joker, the lone gunmen, tim burton, voltaire, werewolves, willy wonka, wolves


Fandoms make me happy. Actors, movies, TV shows, characters.. fangirling makes me happy. It makes me look shallow and idiotic, but I enjoy it, and I won't act ~deep~ and above shit when all I want to do is scream OMG THE JOKER/HOUSE/DOCTOR WHO/SNAPE/HOBBITS/JOHNNY DEPP/CRISPIN GLOVER IS/ARE SO HOT.

Maybe one day I will actually journal again. I might talk about real life here and there, sometimes.

Basically, I'm a geek who's been living in Norrath (Everquest 2) for the past 3 years... used to be a regular ole fan girl.. part of lots of fansites/forums, livejournal, deadjournal, myspace, own website.. anything and everything social or relevant to my obsessions... and then poof after high school..

One day I'll get back to it all...

For now.. I am just quietly lurking. And if you're reading this, and have any crazy desire to contact me, feel free.
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